Soon, more new Art work from me

After finally passing all exams of my final year of Master studies, will post the latest of my work. Didn't have much time adding my stuff but soon I hope that u will have a pleasant surprise. Finishing my preparations for my first stand alone exhibition will allow me to then promote my new stuff that I didn't wanted to show before this event. There gonna be more Aquatint graphic techniques like the pic above so, stay tuned .. ;)

This technique is so called because its finished prints often resemble watercolors or wash drawings. It is a favorite method of printmakers to achieve a wide range of tonal values. The technique consists of exposing the plate to acid through a layer (or sometimes succesive layers) of resin or sugar. The acid bites the plate only in the spaces between the resin particles, achieving a finely and evenly pitted surface that yields broad areas of tone when the grains are washed off and the plate is inked and printed. A great many tones can be achieved on a single plate by exposing different areas to different acid concentrations or different exposure times. Aquatint techniques are generally used in combination with etching or engraving to achieve linear definition. Aquatint was little favored by etchers until Francisco Goya used it to such great effect in his celebrated edition of 80 etchings entitled "Los Caprichos." After Goya the technique was used extensively by Edgar Degas and Camille Pissarro.
In sugar aquatint, also called "sugar lift," the artist uses a sugar-ink mixture to draw with pen or pencil on a surface treated with resin. When dry the drawing is covered with a layer of varnish and when dry introduced into a hot-water bath which exposes the drawing in the resin. The plate is then bitten in the acid bath and the resulting print has a soft, painterly look.

: Darko Mitrevski

Soon, more new Art work from me Darko Mitrevski Tuesday, May 8, 2012. 1comments: Soon, more new Art work from me


  1. Congratulations friend for passing the final exam, now you can fully let go and just produce even more awesome graphics!!!