Monkey made from color pencils

When you're an artist, u experiment with all kind of techniques, non stop. This is just another artist's great experiment ;)

When Art goes 3D

Still trying to figure it  out how 3D art is made.I hope that will start a project soon about it and study what it is all about ;)

Poseidon by Rubén Belloso Adorna

So admired of his work, his creativity, imagination and perspective of seeing things. The soft pastel technique was never the first option for me, but after seeing this artwork I'm kinda obsessed with it now. Started a work with pastels, will give u the step by step after I finished it. I hope that so many others will be inspired from me with the soft pastel technique as I was from Ruben.  

Chuck Close creating portrait using his FINGERPRINTS ONLY

Chuck Close -  more than just a painter, photographer and printmaker

For more than 30 years, Chuck Close - renowned as one of America's foremost artists in any media - has explored the art of printmaking in his continuing investigation into the principles of perception. This exhibition provides a comprehensive survey of the full extent of Close's long involvement with the varied forms and processes of printmaking, and the first such investigation in more than twelve years of what can only be termed a prodigious accomplishment in the field. Featuring images ranging from 1972 to the present, Chuck Close Prints shows the artist's range of invention in etching, aquatint, lithography, handmade paper, direct gravure, silkscreen, traditional Japanese woodcut and reduction linocut. 


Crazy pencil drawing by Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden - Scottish Landscapes series 14" x 14" graphite on Fabriano 5 Watercolour Paper 140lb


An original RENOIR painting purchased for just $7 at a Virginia market is expected to sell for $100,000 at auction

An original RENOIR painting purchased for just $7 at a Virginia market is expected to sell for $100,000 at auction!


Painting by an 17 year old Rebekah Codlin

This was painted by an 17 YEAR OLD! Rebekah Codlin you are awesome! Check out her work here


Would u believe that this is pencil drawing?

Incredible work, just look at the beard and how much work and nerves u need to put there

by francoclun (Italy)

Two fish , pencil drawing

by Joseph Stashkevetch ( New York)

Anthony Hopkins pencil drawing by M.A Darko Mitrevski

Finally back to drawing basics, specially portraits. Along with the hands, portraits are the most difficult body parts to draw. Every person, character, with his spirit inside, is something that puts me to a different challenge every single time. Makes me research, study and develop something that is 3D to a 2D version that looks like 3D, searching something between perfect art and perfect photography...

Emma Watson painting

I don't know how much this is a painting or its just a photoshoped photography, anyway if it is a painting its a really good one. It gives u a calm feeling when u look at it, everything is in harmony and everything looks like its made with just one color , only adding white and black to the same one to make the tones

The Incredible Hulk drawing


Harry potter drawing

Art by ainyrose23

Icy water, pencil drawing by Guram Dolenjashvili

Just look at the detail. The water itself,and the snow, how they are changing and have different focus points on this drawing. Pretty amazing level of detail that give us the dept and the coldness of the nature 

Horse pencil drawing

by Ryan Jacque ( Brimfield, Massachusetts)

Great looking Spiderman poster

Art by Patricio Clarey

Ironman drawing by Gabe Farber


Digital Art

OK, we know that we can't compare this with Drew Struzan's Art work, specially his whole collection of movie posters that he has created for so many movies, but... we need to give a little more credit to the people making digital art. It's not that easy doing this, it needs a lot of work and time to create something like this, and believe me, not anyone can do it.

The actual way to draw a car with pencil

Drawing work by Edinaldo Andrioli

The reality of a drawing pencil

Drawing work by Marcos Rey

Now who can tell me that this is not a pencil drawing

Artists are imitating life so good that u would not believe that this is a drawing and not a photograpy

DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee with his painting of Batman

He's contribution to this exhibit was painted using African tones as inspiration


VICTOR BREGEDA - Father of the Apple - 28 x 36 inches Giclee on Canvas


Great pencil drawing of Paula Abdul

                                                Drawing work by Toni Hariyanto (Indonesia)

Salvador Dali, Mysterious Mouth Appearing in the Back of My Nurse 1941


Aquarelle technique it's always a good choice

It wants practice, a lots of hours so u can perfected it and u can do what ever u need to do. The Aquarelle itself is a "FORGET UNDO " technique, once u do something u can't go back. That's why u need a lot of practices before u master this technique.

Seeing the difference between photography and pencil drawing

There are small details that can tell u the difference between photography and a drawing. If u look at this photo at certain distance u can't tell if this one is photography. There are artists that perfected the pencil drawing technique so much, that the only thing that u can be sure that it is not a photography is to take your finger and smudge a small part of the drawing. But there are not so many drawings that are microscopically perfected in that way, so u can search for things that are not normal, or things the artist could not do as planed. Those are the things that usually not in a real photography, things that u know how they look when u capture them. 

The Ironman drawing

Maybe it would be better of it was drawn on a smoother paper, but this one works too . However, great pencil drawing

Combining two portraits as one looks great

This one is not one peace, but can't say that this one doesn't look stunning for bringing them together. With combining two art peaces we can have even greater power of illusion  than just hanging htem separately. It doesn't work with every two art peaces u'll find but when u find the perfect combination u will not regret for doing that .

How Art is made, the pencil to color process

Not everything is easy as it looks. If all that u see is just a poster, can u imagine the whole process to make one? Manually, not using the digital tech that we can use these days

Emma Watson by Igor Kazarin

Another stunning painting using his famous dry brush technique

Digital art is becoming more popular every day

Even if we can draw almost "naturally" with digital pens and tablets, the filling is not the same. More young people decide to go for digital art is because that is the easiest way for creating. No more mistakes, u can always undo your moves, u don't need to buy anything, everything is just software u can use for imitating art techniques and surfaces (canvas,paper,..etc). 

Stan Winston School of Character Arts
Ewok vs Yautja

Art by Highdarktemplar


Incredible, the mind of a child is

I can remember my first drawings,it's little bit blur , but I liked that period when everything was completely new and so much interesting. Child's imagination is something that we all have but it fades away as we grow older. This drawing it's from the 1980s and it was drawn by back there some 6th year old boy, drawing a scene from his favorite movie.

When car window dust is becoming ART happens


Closeups, drawing and painting details from the original trilogy

Not sure, but according to the style and technique this should be a Drew Struzan art work

Albert Einstein, the most incredible portrait I've ever seen


Creating game characters it's not that easy as it looks like


Obi Wan Ginobili pencil drawing

Its always great to see how fans can merge their favorite sport team and favorite movie together, specialy when they are artists ;) 

The Hulk, pencil drawing by Dale Keown

Dale Keown (born July 23, 1962) is a Canadian comic book artist

Mariah Carey pencil drawing by M.A. Darko Mitrevski

 I drew this one during my days serving in the army (2004). Didn't have much time back then so I drew it like for three weeks and this was the slowest drawing I've done :)