Master and apprentice painting


Da Vinci's study of an angel

You can't miss that this is Da Vinci's work. All those lines that  make him one and only, are just one of the things that u can always be sure that this is another master piece of his

How many time this happened to you? This is how it looks like freezed :)


Detail of Lucan portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, showing damage to the eye.


Vintage Star Wars art poster


An example when photography looks like its made in the etching technique


Etching is a method of making prints from a metal plate, usually copper or zinc, which has been bitten with acid. The plate is first coated with an acid-resistant substance (etching ground or varnish) through which the design is drawn with a sharp tool (burin or other). The acid eats the plate through the exposed lines; the more time the plate is left in the acid, the coarser the lines. When the plate is inked and its surface rubbed clean, and it is covered with paper and passed under a cylindrical press, the ink captured in the lines is transferred to the paper.
The first etching on record was that of the Swiss artist, Urs Graf, who printed from iron plates. Albrecht Dürer, though a consummate engraver, made only five etchings, and never really dominated the technique. That was left to later artists like the Italian Parmigianino and, of course, Rembrandt, perhaps the greatest etcher of all time... Later adepts of acid etching were Tiepolo and Canaletto in Italy and, of course, Francisco Goya in Spain. The 20th century saw important bodies of work by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall and Georges Rouault.

Stunning art in the Montreal Science Centre from April 19


These posters come to life when you look at the amazing detail in the creation of each image


A new exciting art exhibition comes to our own galaxy with Star Wars Identities


Napoleon at St. Bernard, Star Wars edition


Another dry brush technique drawing by Igor Kazarin


Dry brush technique by Igor Kazarin

Dry brush technique is modern style of painting in which oil paint, bristle and synthetic brushes are used on watercolor paper or fabric  


A Portrait of the Painter Nikolai Koshelev (Ivan Kramskoi, 1866)


Drew Struzan's Hell Boy


The Art of Angry Birds goes on


100 Years Later, Relive A Night to Remember: Titanic 1912-2012


Star wars comedy last supper painting


Leonardo da Vinci - The Last Supper [ 5381 x 2926 ] wallpaper


Leonardo Da Vinci's lost master piece

Image which is considered one of the best Leonardo works, which are thought to bedestroyed in a fire in the 16th century met with suspicion by scientists. The latest findings give no doubt that this work is hidden behind a hidden wall by another painter. So far studies have shown the same pigment that Leonardo used when painting the very famous masterpiece Mona Lisa 


When Art is used to make the best games ever


When artists combine humor and movies


Etching soon came to challenge engraving as the most popular printmaking medium


Han Solo by Drew S.


Padme by Drew Struzan


Probable self-portrait drawing by Raphael in his early teens


Darth Maul painting

I've found this painting on the internet and truly I am amazed from the artist who played with the colors. Knowing that Darth Maul's skin is all black and red, I assume that this was quite an experiment   

Judith and Holofernes (1612-1621) by Artemisia Gentileschi

In the Renaissance and Baroque periods a woman who became an artist was likely to be part of a family of artists, like Artemisia Gentileschi, the brilliant daughter of painter Orazio Gentileschi


Self-portrait at 13, 1493, Albrecht Dürer

One of the most prolific  self-portraitists which belongs to the Renaissance is a German graphic artist Albrecht DürerHis first work, self-portrait which he made when he was 13 years old, as it is called, Self-portrait at 13. In 1493 he painted  self-portrait  with barbed flower, a work is in the Louvre, in Paris, which was first Normand painter who painted himself,not as a member of a community but as an individual.He sent  this self-portrait to his betrothed Agnes FryThe bottom of the image can be read and the motto "My life flows to the wishes of the sky".

Star Wars, all in one, art poster


Salvador Dali Meets Star Wars


The oldest self-portrait of Western easel painting

Self-portrait is a representation of the artist. Might be drawing, painting, photography or sculpture made ​​from the author. The first self-portraits whoseauthors can be identified appear in the early Renaissance in the middle of XVcentury. Artists portray as a major figure or find their place as part of events or as part of group portraits. Did you know that the man with the turban of 1433,authored by Flemish painter Jan Van Ike is considered the oldest self-portrait of Western easel painting?