I started posting my art works on my blog at first. The idea was to inspire people, specially young artists who could use an extra advice about art. techniques, styles, you name it. Then I realize that this is gonna be way bigger then just posting only art that I've created. I felt the need to discover and promote new and old arts throughout time. Art is a big field to discover and we can always use some tips or be inspired from something. I've even found artists that are inspired so much from movies and use their own imagination to create new stuff from their favorite characters. I hope that this site will go on even on a larger scale for promoting and discover arts. If anyone have something interesting, something new and needs promotion, he/she can contact me and I will post his/hers arts. Thank you for been so supportive, comment on my newest posts, I will appreciate any suggestions and ideas.

M.A. Darko Mitrevski