Two fish , pencil drawing

by Joseph Stashkevetch ( New York)

Anthony Hopkins pencil drawing by M.A Darko Mitrevski

Finally back to drawing basics, specially portraits. Along with the hands, portraits are the most difficult body parts to draw. Every person, character, with his spirit inside, is something that puts me to a different challenge every single time. Makes me research, study and develop something that is 3D to a 2D version that looks like 3D, searching something between perfect art and perfect photography...

Emma Watson painting

I don't know how much this is a painting or its just a photoshoped photography, anyway if it is a painting its a really good one. It gives u a calm feeling when u look at it, everything is in harmony and everything looks like its made with just one color , only adding white and black to the same one to make the tones

The Incredible Hulk drawing


Harry potter drawing

Art by ainyrose23

Icy water, pencil drawing by Guram Dolenjashvili

Just look at the detail. The water itself,and the snow, how they are changing and have different focus points on this drawing. Pretty amazing level of detail that give us the dept and the coldness of the nature 

Horse pencil drawing

by Ryan Jacque ( Brimfield, Massachusetts)

Great looking Spiderman poster

Art by Patricio Clarey

Ironman drawing by Gabe Farber