The one and only, Drew Struzan

Drew's incredible poster art work is amazing. His style, art techniques and influence in the art world and in the movie industry is something that it will last through generations.

: Darko Mitrevski

The one and only, Drew Struzan Darko Mitrevski Saturday, March 17, 2012. 2 The one and only, Drew Struzan


  1. Awesome art from an epic movie :D

  2. Besides the fact that episodes 1-2-3 are nothing close to how 4-5-6 are paced and portray action i have this fan hate for the "prequels", the pod racing bit and jarjar coudl have been left out but this is about art, and boy THIS should have been the cover for the movie D: its awesome this shows us everythign important there is to it xD (i feel theonly things connecting it to the starwars are the lightsabers and the droids.. XD)